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What are "Cookies" & how do we use them?

Cookies are text files, used by your computer's internet browser, that store visitor session data. Cookies, by themselves, do not identify the individual user. Cookies are commonly used on the Internet and do not harm your system.

For you to purchase items from this web site, it is necessary for your browser to accept our cookie, which in this case is a harmless reference number that corresponds to your order. That number only has meaning to our shopping cart system, and only while you are shopping on this web site. It is otherwise meaningless and contains absolutely no information about you, your internet activities, email, or anything else.

If you do not want us to use cookies you may be able to configure your browser not to accept them. Please refer to your browser's 'help' facility for further information. However, you should bear in mind that this may affect our ability to process your order.

Our Privacy Policy
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) - Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

Any data you provide to us is held by SixTop Limited on their Secure Web Server using SSL technology - SixTop Ltd. trade as "Red Elbows-Outdoor Country Clothing". You may be aware that, from late May 2018, new regulations control the use of your personal information. We only use the information that you provide to us for two purposes:
1. To process the order you have made with us. During order entry you provide us with:
a) Your name & the name of somebody to sign for the goods at the Delivery Address
b) Your Billing & Delivery Address
c) Your Billing & Delivery Post Code
d) Your Email Address & a Delivery Email Address
e) A contact Telephone Number

We pass on this delivery & billing contact information to the appropriate factory for the goods to be dispatched and also to WorldPay who clear you card or Paypal payment. You only provide Credit Card / Debit Card or PayPal details to WorldPay through their Secure Payment Pages so that they may take payment for the goods. We NEVER see your payment information.

2. We may very occasionally email you to advise you of any new products, or any special or seasonal offers that we may have.
When you place an order through this website you can only do so by accepting our "Terms Of Sale", see ... View Terms Of Sale.
In so doing you will not only consent to all our trading terms, but you will also confirm that you accept that the Billing Email address you provide during order entry will be automatically added to our mailing list. You have the option to later remove your email from the Mailing List by "opting out" below should you so choose:

You may "Opt Out" of our mailing list at any time by requesting your email is removed here ... E-Mail Us to Leave the Mailing List
You may "Join" our mailing list by requesting any other email is added here ... E-Mail Us to Join the Mailing List

Other than as specified above, we do not distribute, share, sell or communicate your personal data to any third party in any way.
For United Kingdom accounting purposes, we are obliged to retain your order data (including your personal data as described above) for a period of 6 years+, after which it will be archived on our secure server. The details of your order are held on our Secure Server in a web file that reflects your Order Confirmation / Invoice in it's entirety, it is stored in a protected web directory using a key that is constructed from a unique random number combined with your online order number. This Order Confirmation / Invoice Number only has meaning to us, our shopping cart system and you (it is given to you at order entry time), to everybody else it is unknown and meaningless.

Contacting Us Regarding Privacy Matters

To contact us regarding privacy or any other matters that concern you, please e-mail us at

Contacting Us
Please email Customer Services at ...

Telephone Free Phone: 0800 756 6588

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